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Like a sip of fine wine

Do you know that feeling? The feeling of intense enjoyment that you have when you take a sip of a fine wine? The taste that not only caresses your tongue but that spreads through your whole body like a softly flowing surprise and makes you dissapear for just a while?

Every tuesday I meditate at KenKon with a small group of people. From seven to eight in the morning. One hour of peace in your mind, thoughts to a full stop.

This morning when I stepped outside after meditation I was overwhelmed by the fresh air that sparklingly filled my chest,  bushwhacked by the popular trees that softly whispered their secrets to me. Wize words, a quiet ssshhhh…

Like a sip of fine wine the world flowed through me, I breathed her in and she breathed me and we smoothly merged in a wild and stately dance. While dancing we moved toward my job and every cyclists, every trafic light, every dewdrop on the grass joined us and danced along.

And even now my computer swirls through my blood and I twirl, arm in arm with desk and TL lighting, through this lovely office.

Every moment like a sip of fine wine. You just have to taste it.