The changing of a long season

Autumn took reign when I stepped outside this morning, straight from my meditation cushion, to drive to work. I couldn’t do anything else but kneel, succumbing to the temptation of red-brown leaves, mirroring in a fresh puddle of heavenly waters.

Oh, do I love this season.

And while the raindrops lashed against the windshield and deprived me of sight I pondered why. This season always is so abundant but it also prepares me for more cosy times of thoughtfulness and turning inward. Playing the hermit in Texel for a weekend and edit my childrens book. Sit on the couch by candle light.

And while the smell of the rain silently penetrates the car I suddenly know… this year, the season is different. For a while now I’ve been looking back to earlier times, bathing in good memories, redescovering parts of my being that I’ve unknowingly put away in a closet somewhere. This season I’m meeting new people I didn’t know before but also new people in people I’ve known for years. And old friends within myself that I’ve known before.

And while the tires of the car transform the landscape around me in a blur of water I realise that it’s time to open the doors of the closet again. Wide open.

And while the golden leaves swim through the sky like graceful Koi I see the sunlight that shines through, and I reaslise that my seasons too are changing, and it’s time for a new, long season of adventure and deepening and trust. I take a deep breath and slowly reach for the knob of the closet door.

And while another autumn blossoms, a long spring unfolds.



Vincent is muzikant, vader, schrijver, designer, zen beoefenaar, eigenlijk een 'nobody' zoals iedereen.

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