Love most intense

Daddy. Mommy. The most intense words on this earth. The first words we learn, the last words we speak. Being a father I know how it is to have to embody the charge of those words. Impossible and yet so natural…

With two teens I get the chance to embody that charge less and less…

Her, it, that which one might call God, I give thanks, because now and then I still get the chance to do so, when my nephew, Benjamin, visits us. Only a parent knows how intense that bond can be…

I do realise that non-parents might feel at a loss and that truely grieves me. To paint an image… think of the best, most wonderful relationship you ever had. Then add all the sorrow in the world and the nearing death. Add to that the pastures of flowers that you have or have not danced in with your partner, in slow-motion. Add to that the strength of mountains, the laughter of the sun, the endlessness of the seas and the power of one single, loving teardrop.

That is the love you can feel for a child. And even if the child is not truely yours, there is no difference.

That is why I dissolve in this hug, curls against my cheek, tears in my world and in my eyes and intense love and peace in my embrace.

More intence, more complete than this feeling, is a utopia.

A love most intense.



Vincent is muzikant, vader, schrijver, designer, zen beoefenaar, eigenlijk een 'nobody' zoals iedereen.

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