Genetically modified silence

Relaxation is a rarity for most people. Big money is being payed for it and auction sites and dealstunters are wholesalers in  cheap calm and silence with a discount. It’s genetically modified (GMO) unrest that we suffer from in this modern times. It’s rooted deeply into our genes to cling to busyness, time and again, like hungry ghosts with hollow eyes and hollow stomachs. “Brainnnnss“….

Yet we all feel the need for peace and quiet, not being lived anymore. But the steps that we, modern humans, take to get that peace and quiet are usually superficial, temporary steps. In our despair to leave the chaos behind us, we only create more of it. We lose ourselves going out dancing or put our minds in off-mode during a night at the cinema.

I remember well how I lost myself during movies like Lord of the Rings or Starwars. #awesomeness, #purejoy, #timeforme.

But afterwards my head was not only filled with the usual muddle of social media, shouting adolescents and the domestic mess that constantly gnawed on my concience, but complete bataljons of starcruisers and hordes of orks joined in to complete the chaos.

The only permanent solution for this GMO unrest, is GMO silence. To get rid of our discorded genes, our chaotic culture, our ingrained inclination for unrest. Not with a daytrip to the sauna,* but with a thorough modification of those genes.

For starters I went through my phone and removed all apps that I didn’t use.

Then I removed all apps that I could also use on a regular computer. Facebook. The news app. Twitter. All those apps that constantly nag for hour attention. No need for those! I can check Facebook on my laptop once or twice a day when I’m at it.

Finally I turned off all notification sounds. No single app can disturb me anymore with a bleep or a buzz. Only one or two messaging apps that I need for work are allowed to show a message on my homescreen. The rest should simply shut up.

Now one of the devices that gets to me most every day and yanks me back into the chaos, got a radical metamorphose. The thing is now a reminder, since every time I look at it, I can see the genetically modified silence that I’m rearing.

And while the Suite Bergamasque by Claude Debussy caresses my ears and makes my heart flow together with the sun that is playing with the leaves outside, I can feel the silence slowly seeping in.

Drip… drip… drip…

*Yet I can recommend a trip to the sauna to anyone!


Vincent is muzikant, vader, schrijver, designer, zen beoefenaar, eigenlijk een 'nobody' zoals iedereen.

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