Into the depths

It is once again that time of year that the nights get longer and everything in the world prepares for a journey into the depths. Curtains closed, candle lighted, hibernation, sap back to the roots and the trees spread a warm blanket for the bugs on the ground.

Treeleaf, the soto-zen group I’m a member of, is practicing the annual Ango training period again. Three months of intensive meditation and deepening your practice. Custom is to take up some restrictions, pushing some boundaries, let go of some stuff you’re attached to but your life would do better without. Some default excercises are done usually, to which you add your own commitments.

This is my commitment list for this year

  • Only one cup of coffee in the morning, the rest of the day water or herbal tea
  • Finally finish my kesa
  • Sit every morning as always, but now through G+ (If anyone wants an invite and sit along, let me know. 6:30am CEST)
  • Add a 30 min. sitting in the end of the day or in the night whenever family and planning allows
  • Start a steady yoga practice again
  • No TV, Computer, Internet and other stuff like that unless absolutely nescessary for work (which unfortunately still is more than I’d like) or Treeleaf
  • Start a regular Ango blog and try to convey the value of ango and practise
  • Keep a clear mind and view through zazen, metta, nurturing seeds, modration and enough sleep

The next few months you’ll see less of me on Facebook, I’ll just post my blog there and attend to the stuff I need to do for Tobermore and some other Facebook pages I’m admin for.

For serious communication purposes I’ll check my FB messenger and Whatsapp once a day, but answers will be slow. If you really need to contact me you can always call, e-mail or text.

Thank you,






Vincent is muzikant, vader, schrijver, designer, zen beoefenaar, eigenlijk een 'nobody' zoals iedereen.

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